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Crochet Mosaic hat Artisan with Diamond pattern


I love wearing hats. All crochet hats just make the adorable head warmers, this is an amazing and elegant mosaic pattern which will make your look entirely great!

I really like mosaic patterns, even though I don't often use them in tutorials, I really enjoy them. What I enjoy most is creating and drawing mosaic patterns, choosing colors that go well with each other and using mosaic single and double crochet stitches and enjoying how the mosaic gradually appears.

This mosaic has a diamond pattern that is quite easy and quick to remember, repeating and in rows and columns. If you're new to mosaics, this pattern should come in handy.


This Crochet Mosaic Hat with Diamond pattern is perfect for winter and spring or fall time.
You can choose and put a handmade pom-pom or a fur pom-pom on the top of the Beanie made a beautiful accessory.

I chose the Artisan yarn with which I crocheted socks a few days ago and I had enough left over for a hat and maybe one more winter piece.

Artisan yarn is a wonderful, cozy, woolly yarn - lots of colors to choose from and lots of multicolored balls available.

I thought that a self-patterning ball would look great in a mosaic pattern, and a neutral cream color, and now there is a beautifully colored pattern!

This crocheted mosaic hat, it is pleasantly warm and cosy, suitable for winter, colder spring and autumn. There is no complicated shaping in the instructions. The hat is constructed very simply, by crocheting the bottom ribbing ending and then row by row from bottom to top.

I chose a simple mosaic pattern that is easy to crochet, repeats nicely and you can basically stop it at any time.

Mosaic Hat pattern_Artisan_final.pdf

In the instructions below, there is a women size, but you can easily change it to your women's size and have hat that fits well right away.

Mosaic patterns always use one basic yarn and another complementary yarn, it's up to you which colors you choose and you can easily create an original mosaic hat.

I am happy to show you how to crochet this amazing and bright mosaic hat with diamond pattern for women!

I love this wonderful cosy wool yarn Artisan, I chose colored and cream colors and used a wonderful mosaic diamond pattern.

It is the perfect crochet hat for all crocheters - with very simple construction - great project for a little bit advanced beginners.

Make this Modern Mosaic Hat to your winter hat collection!


The pattern is available here below for free. It comes with a video guide as well.

Let’s get started to make this perfect pattern!


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This pattern is made for beginners - only a basic skill level is required to make it. If you don't understand any of my instructions, don't worry I am here for you.

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This warm Mosaic Hat ARTISAN is quite easy crochet project, you just need to know how to crochet single and double crochet stitches.

No complicated stitch pattern really - mosaic pattern consists of single crochets, double crochets and working in front and back loops.

So let me now get started and tell you what you will need in order to crochet this MOSAIC HAT ARTISAN.


The pattern was made with yarn:

SuperWash Artisan
100 g / 420 m / 75 % wool + 25 % polyamid




This is a very high-quality yarn in the composition of superwash wool and polyamide. You can choose multi-colored and single-colored shades that you can combine. The yarn is especially suitable for socks, but also for hats, coats, scarves. I really liked the yarn, it is wonderful to work with and the crocheted products are so warm, pleasant and beautifully colored, they are suitable for winter, spring and autumn.This yarn really affordable.

1 ball is perfect for one HAT. 

For this pattern you will need 4.5 mm crochet hook.

Scissors and tapestry needle and I would recommend you to use a tape measure.



Size: bellow there is a pattern for Woman Medium Size, the head measurement  22 inch / 56 cm.

The Mosaic Hats can easily be adapted to a smaller size or bigger size.


Difficulty Level: Level 2 – for Advanced Beginners

US crochet terms:

SlSt – slip stitch

CH/s – chain/s

SC - single crochet

DC - double crochet

BLO – back loop only

FLO – front loop only

Sc2tog - single crochet decrease, 2 single crochets together

SK - skip

T - turn

ST/s - stitch(es)

REP - repeat

YO – yarn over


Special stitches used:

Drop-down DC / Mosaic DC (m-dc) – Drop-Down Double Crochet – Work a double crochet in the front loop of stitch 2 rows below.



1) The patterns below are for adult women medium size can be easily adapted to a smaller size or bigger size just by reducing or increasing the numbers of stitches and as well as less or more numbers of rows. Remember that when making bigger hat size, you will need more yarn.

Adult Woman Medium Size:

Head measurement: 22 inch / 56 cm

Hat Length: 9 / 23 cm

Hat circumference is 18 inch / 46 cm

*Measurements are taken from the garment lying flat, before the yarn has stretched out/dropped.


2) The HAT is crocheted in rounds, from the bottom to the top, using amazing MOSAIC pattern

Mosaic Hat pattern_Artisan_final.pdf

3) This HAT is worked up as a one piece, starting with a border on the bottom of the HAT and finish on the top of the HAT. 

4) To finish the HAT, you’ll join together the shorter sides to form a tube. After that, gather the opening - one end of the tube is gathered to create the Beanie shape.

3) A Ch 1 at beg of the row DOESN'T count as stitch



The pattern is easy to adjust to fit different head sizes from Toddler to Adult sizes

I’ll show you a hat size chart and a simple formula to follow for a perfect fit each and every time.


​Crochet Hat Size Chart

Wondering what size hat to make? To correctly size a crochet hat, you’ll want to make a Hat that’s just a bit smaller than your head size. This way, when the hat stretches, it will fit your head perfectly.

To find your perfect size, use a tape measure to measure the widest part of your head. This will give you your head circumference measurement.

Then, subtract about 2-4 inches from this to get the finished hat size measurement. Since this stitch pattern is very stretchy, I find that 4 inches of negative ease gives me a nice fit.

My example

For example, my head measurement is 22 inch, which puts me in the Adult Medium size. After I subtract 4 inches of negative ease, I know I want a make the circumference of the hat 18 inch.

To make my beanie, I crocheted as many rows as it took to reach a finished hat size of 18 inch, which turned out to be 72 rows plus 1 seaming row.

To make a well-fitting hat, crochet as many rows as you need to reach the appropriate hat length measurement.

And then, crochet as many rows as you need to reach the appropriate hat circumference measurement.



The Hat is decreasing from the bottom to the top, so the top is narrower than the center of the hat. This will come in handy when it’s time to gather the opening and finish the hat.

The mosaic crochet hat is worked from the bottom up. The bottom border is worked in rows and then joined. The mosaic pattern is worked on the border in rounds.

The top of the hat is decreased and gathered to close the top of hat.

How to reach a Crochet Mosaic Chart:


Mosaic Hat pattern_Artisan_final.pdf

The chart is read from right to left for each round.

Rounds are worked in alternating colors, as indicated on the right column.
The entire round is worked in the color stated.
Ignore the colors displayed in each box; this shows how the pattern will look; you will not change color throughout a round.
A blank box indicates you will work a sc in the BLO.
A box marked with an X indicates working a drop-down double crochet.

When working mosaic crochet in the round, don’t cut colors. Drop off the color at the end of the round and pick up new color as you go. Color is changed at the sl st join.
Always tighten yarn tails when joining at the end of each round; this will keep the join invisible.





I would recommend you to take your measurement at first.
I took the measurements of my head, which is 22 inch / 56 cm.

I need beanie with these measurements:

Foundation chain: 5 cm / 2 inch

Hat circumference is 18 inch / 46 cm

Note: A fabric measuring tape is useful here, since it’s more flexible than a ruler.

Crochet Hook 4.5 mm

Make a slip knot and chain foundation chain: 8 chains

R1: ch1, 1 sc in the second chain from your hook, 1 sc in each st till end of row. Turn (8 st)

R2: ch1, 1 sc in each st BLO, turn (8 st)

R3 – R72: Repeat rows R2 until you reach your measurement.

Join the side with a slip stitch, fold the rectangle in half, bring the short sides together and join sides with slip stitches. Make 8 slip stitches.

Turn your work on the right side. 

Foundation row: 1 sl st in each st around (72 stitches)

Crochet Hook 4.5 mm

Color A

R1: ch1, 1 sc in each st around BLO (72 st)

Color B

R2: ch1, 1 sc in each st around BLO (72 st)


Mosaic Hat pattern_Artisan_final.pdf

Work in spiral rounds, don't close the round with a slip stitch.

Color A, Cut Color B and hide the end

R22: *1sc in next 4 st, sc2tog*repeat from * to * till end of round (60 st)

R23: *1sc in next 3 st, sc2tog*, repeat from * to * till end of round (48 st)

R24: *1sc in next 2 st, sc2tog*, repeat from * to * till end of round (36 st)

R25: *1sc in next st, sc2tog*, repeat from * to * till end of round (24 st)

R26: *sc2tog*, repeat from * to * till end of round (12 st)

R27: *sc2tog*, repeat from * to * till end of round (6 st)

Optionally: you can one or more rounds: 1sc in each st around, join round with slip stitch or with invisible join.



Gather the top of the hat.

Pull yarn through the last loop and trim a long yarn tail. Use the yarn tail and a darning needle to make long running stitches along the top edge of the hat.

Pull the yarn tail to gather the top edge of the hat, and pull it closed. You can knot the yarn tail to secure it. Cut the yarn, weave in the ends.





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