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Slippers, Booties, Leg Warmers


Crochet Easy Summer Slippers With Soles


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Easy Crochet Nordic Wool Socks - so cosy and warm!


In this new tutorial, I tried the wonderful Artisan wool yarn for warm cozy socks. I tried to match colors and come up with patterns charts, I really enjoy it!
The Artisan yarn is wonderful to work with and not only I am satisfied with the result, but especially my son, who ordered socks from me and was really looking forward to them.
I crocheted these comfortable wool socks in children's size 36. Because of the way these socks are constructed, they are very easy to resize.  You can make them smaller or bigger, longer, wider or shorter or narrow them. There is no complicated increasing, decreasing or shaping. Easy, easy!

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Crochet Cosy Furry Slipper Booties


These crochet cosy slippers are made with velvet chenille yarn and with Furry yarn and they are cozy enough to call your favorite pair of crochet slipper booties.

Because of the way these slippers are constructed, they are very easy to resize. I am including Women size and you can easily change the sizing by making the slippers longer or shorter. There is no complicated increasing, decreasing or shaping. Easy, easy!

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Crochet EASY Merino Slippers for beginners


Fall is setting in and it’s time to make all the warm and cozy things, especially for lounging around at home. I don’t know about you, but I am often cold so I love having different things to snuggle up in.

In this my new pattern, I wanted to share with you my favorite snuggly and easy-to-make slippers.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet slippers, you’re in the right place.

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Leg Warmers Lilac


I made these Leg Warmers for my sister :) her dog loves them as well. And I absolutely love this lilac colour!

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