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Crochet Fingerless Mittens really cosy and warm


How to crochet a pair of amazing fingerless mittens which are so soft and really warm.

This crochet pattern creates amazing really warm and super soft fingerless mittens suitable for keeping your hands warm during the cooler months from fall to spring.

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Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Crochet Free Patterns


I love sharing crochet patterns for different themes and holidays. This is my List of Valentine’s Day crochet patterns I prepared for you – they are available for free and they comes with video tutorials as well.

There is something for everyone. I’ve included hats and mittens ideas, cute little amigurumy, bags and pillow cover and more! 

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Crochet EASY PERFECT Beanies for her and him


These crochet beanies are simple and perfect for a beginner. They are unisex and I designed them as "FOR HER and FOR HIM BEANIE". I chose the white and the grey color combo - I think they perfectly match with any outfit. And it’s unisex color - no need to worry about his or her favorite colors.

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Crochet EASY and SOFT BLUE Hooded Cowl


This crocheted EASY and super SOFT Hooded cowl pattern is so practical and fun to make. And it is a perfect for this winter time – your head will be toasty thanks to the hood. And moreover, this is a trendy winter wear item. I really love that the hooded style on this cowl.

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Crochet Sweet Little Heart Squishie


My favorite crochet heart patterns that you can make for your friends, families and loved ones. You can make Hearts for Valentine’s Day, or to show your love any day of the year.

They’re SO easy and quick to make. So whether you’re a beginner or expert hooker, these crochet hearts are the perfect pattern for you to show your love.

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Crochet Simple Table Placements AYAZ Macreme


Sometimes, you just want something simple and easy to do. So this pattern is perfect for you and it is ideal for beginners - really easy, simply and stylish! The table placemats crocheting is perfect for any season and any time of the year! You can gift them to your loved ones and I think anyone would love to receive them as everyone owns a dining table, and everyone likes to make their house look pretty.

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Crochet EASY X-TWIST Herringbone Headband


How to crochet MERINO X-Twisted Herringbone Headband - this will make cozy ear warmer! This crochet pattern creates amazing HERRINGBONE X-TWIST HEADBAND suitable for keeping your ears warm during the cooler months from fall to spring.

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Crochet Herringbone Wrist Warmers


When temperatures start to drop, there's nothing more satisfying than wearing lovely cozy HERRINGBONE wrist warmers! In this tutorial you'll learn how to crochet your very own pair of amazing herringbone wrist warmers. Keep warm in these modern herringbone stitch crochet wrist warmers! 

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Crochet Easy Square T-shirt yarn Basket


This pattern teaches you how to create square or rectangle basket and how to use knit like effect using waistcoat stitches. You can create baskets of many versions and various sizes. They make beautiful catch-all areas for your stuff. You can also crochet baskets for holidays and to give as gifts.
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Crochet Easy Scrappy Little Stars


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Crochet EASY Puff Beret Hat


I love wearing hats, especially berets! The french beret is a good for fall and spring time and as well as it’s a beautiful accessory.

I made this beret as a perfect pair to my neckwarmer and I am happy to show you how to crochet this perfect beret that fits!

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Crochet EASY Puff NeckWarmer Cowl


I like crochet neck warmers, this crochet neck warmer is so easy to crochet and easy to wear – just slip it over your head and you are warm and cosy straight away with no ends to tuck in. 

I love this wonderful yarn color and quality, it is not too thick, just the right thickness to show off some texture. The texture on this cowl is created using half double crochets and puff stitches.

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Crochet Sweet Angel Doll Amigurumi


The Angel is the perfect project for holiday crocheting and I am excited to share with you the Sweet Angel Doll pattern. This sweet Angel is an adorable little Amigurumi Doll, easy and quick to crochet, great project for beginners. This sweet Angel Doll wears amazing silver skirt and shoes, she has also a cute silver headband and long blond hairs.

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Crochet Mandala Cocoon Shrug Cardigan


I love Cocoon Shrug Cardigans - there are so many variations and they can be worn in almost any season and for all kinds of occasions. This Cocoon shrug cardigan is perfect for Fall and Spring time and also transition periods. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle, so there is a beautiful mandala design and a gorgeous diamond motif in the center of square.

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Crochet C2C Skirt for beginners


If you love crocheting and wearing skirts, you can create them not only for the Summer season, but you can also crochet the skirts for the Fall and Winter seasons. Crochet this simple and easy C2C skirt. You can create this skirt in any size and length according to your measurements. However, it is more suitable for girls and teenagers. They would love wearing them over leggings.

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SQUID GAME Soldiers Amigurumi Minifigures


Hello Squid Game Fans! This is a very popular mini version of the Soldier from Squid Game, the horror Netflix series. My kids love this design with removable hood, they can pull the hood back and up again.

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Crochet EASY LONG fancy vest


This crochet pattern is a long, very easy crocheted vest that is just super pretty.

This long, crocheted vest is so beautiful and fun to wear with dresses, skirts, jeans or even shorts! It’s great to cover the rear end and also can easily be dressed up or down.

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Crochet Halloween Hat Knight Helmet


It is hat time again! I love to create many original hats! For Halloween this year, I made one more knight helmet. This knight or gladiator hat is really big fun to make for any boy or man! 

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Crochet EASY and SCARY Zombie Head


Who else can’t wait for Halloween? I am ready to welcome this wonderful holiday and I thought I would come with some creepy Halloween Crochet Pattern for you! I started with these quick and scary little Crochet Zombies Heads for Halloween. These ornaments will put your home in the spirit of the Halloween season and they could make the perfect Halloween gift for your your own little monsters!

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Crochet Super EASY TWISTED headband


You know me, I love headbands and I love to created some interesting texture patterns on them. I have a super easy pattern for you, working with half double crochet only. I really love this effect!

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Crochet Cosy Classroom Super Soft Sweater


I designed this sweater to be slightly over-sized and cozy. Perfect for wearing to the school and during after school activities, or just around the house playing with your pet on a sunny day like today. 

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EASY Crochet Cosy White Vest


This Simple White Crochet vest pattern is not only fun to make, but this works up pretty quickly, which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick crochet wearable project. I love the Buttons uniqueness of this crochet vest.

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Crochet Happy Pears Coasters


I can’t believe the summer is almost over and it is back-to-school time! And who loves fall time? I do :)Here’s a quick little crochet pattern that’s perfect for fall appreciation gift - happy pears applique.

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Crochet Sweetheart Small Poncho


This poncho is perfect for this transition period between summer and fall time and also wearing for special events, for romantic dinners and so. This Poncho is absolutely fabulous and outstanding and will complete your outfits. 

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Crochet 4 Squares Mandala Poncho


Crochet ponchos are made up of squares or rectangles that are stitched together. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle, so there is a beautiful mandala design in the center of each square.

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Crochet EASY red POPPY Remembrance day applique


You know me - and it is no secret, one of my favorite things to make are crochet flowers. Not only are they beautiful and delicate and just full of wonderful color and scent, but they also hold special meaning for different people and occasions.

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Crochet Lovely Summer Tunic with Flowers


This lovely summer tunic has a beautiful flower pattern. It makes it a fun and flirty crochet summer top for beach days. The thinner crocheted strings also make it perfect for layering and wearing.

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EASY one shoulder SUMMER girls crop top


I love easy summer crop tops - this one is so simple to make and fun to wear! I am obsessed of making crochet summer crop tops. 

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Blue Sun BEACH Crochet Hat


The weather is warming and so I made a chic accessory for sunny days at the beach: The Blue Sun Beach Hat! The hat is so airy and lightweight and breezy for when that sun is beaming down on you.

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EASY Crochet Classic BEACH bag


You'll definitely get noticed when you tote this beach bag with anchors. With these bright colors and a perfect shape, this free crochet beach bag pattern will definitely come in handy. 

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