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Home Decoration and Holidays


Fun to Crochet Cute Hedgehog with Stings


We crocheted hedgehogs at a FALL workshop and everyone had a really good time and everyone's hedgehog was different and everyone was beautiful and cute.

I have also prepared a detailed video tutorial with step by step instructions, so that even beginners can crochet this cheerful hedgehog.

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Crochet Fall Pumpkins - choose color and size and shape you like!


Learn how to crochet a pumpkin of any size using any weight yarn and a popular fall decor. This crochet pumpkin pattern is as easy as crocheting a flat rectangle. You can use any yarn you like. I have prepared a detailed video tutorial with step by step instructions, so that even beginners can crochet this beautiful fall pumpkin. 

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Crochet Basket Owl for pencils, pens, scissors and such


For this basket, I chose a beautiful cotton yarn: SpagoYarn Chain

Today I would like to show you how to crochet an easy OWL basket. This yarn has beautiful colors, it is pleasant to crochet with. This BASKET would be a perfect gift for all ANY TIME during the year.

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Crochet easy and quick jute doormat Judita


The rug is crocheted from jute yarn Judita - it is a mixture of jute and cotton, so it is not as coarse when crocheted as classic jute yarn and yet its natural appearance stands out nicely.

I chose a simple and easy filet pattern, I used double crochet and chain stitches, one ball was enough for a smaller rug.

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Soft and Cosy Herringbone stitch Blanket Hand knitted


For this video tutorial I decided to use loops yarn ELZA and I chose 2 colors to make a beautiful 2 color-herringbone stitch.

In this video tutorial, I will show a classic herringbone stitch pattern and also a herringbone pattern made of two loop balls of two colors and how to make a baby mat or blanket.

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Crochet Cute Mini Bunny Easter Amigurumi Toy


Some time ago, my friend, Miluska, sent me pictures of a beautifully decorated table with these bunnies and she immediately prepared instructions on how to crochet this cute bunny.

I have also prepared a STEP by STEP video tutorial, so even very beginners can crochet this cheerful bunny. This pattern is also perfect for beginners - it's really simple, it repeats rows of single crochet and there is no complicated embroidery or sewing, certainly even those who are starting to crochet will make this little bunny.

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Crochet Waistcoat Stitch Basket with Wooden Bottom for very beginners


For this basket with a wooden bottom, I chose a beautiful cotton yarn, the light beige color to correspond with a light wooden base.

As I used a wooden bottom, the basket has a perfect circular shape and holds its shape beautifully. 

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Crochet Perfect Double Layered Basket with Wooden Base



For this basket with a wooden bottom, I chose a beautiful and soft yarn: Macrame Chenille

This yarn has beautiful colors, it is wonderful to crochet with, but the sides of the basket did not feel quite stiff, they were a little wrinkled, so I chose a double layer on the sides of the basket for this basket. It enhanced the basket beautifully, plus there is now another beautiful pattern inside the basket to enhance the inside of the basket

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Crochet Soft Sleeping Cat Pillow


This crochet pattern is made with my very favorite soft velvet chenille yarn.

I love chenille yarns, they are so soft and fun to work with! There are so many different colors and also rainbow colors!

For this project I used my 2 colors - white yarn and mottled multicolored yarn, so you can create the two colors pattern of your SLEEPING CAT easily as per your choice and creativity. 

I really love this soft pillow and it so easy to create it. 

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Crochet Happy Playful Squirrel with Acorn



Hello My Crochet Friends!

Cheers to another year! We made it! New crochet adventures are around the corner. Happy New Year!

This is the very first pattern for this YEAR and it is a cute and happy Squirrel - the Squirrel is quick to make and can be made with any weight or type of yarn you like.

It is an easy and free pattern for a happy Squirrel that has a little acorn.

It is so sweet with its bigger ears and a little nose. This happy Squirrel is a perfect gift for kids.

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