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Crochet Happy Pears Coasters

I can’t believe the summer is almost over and it is back-to-school time! And who loves fall time? I do :)Here’s a quick little crochet pattern that’s perfect for fall appreciation gift - happy pears applique.



And the pattern is surprisingly easy. This Happy Pear pattern is a perfect for so many different projects! Make these little pear into a set of coasters or they would even make terrific tree ornaments! Perfect for using up scraps of yarn too.

The written pattern is available here below for free. It comes with a video guide as well.

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This pattern is made for beginners - only a basic skill level is required to make it. If you don't understand any of my instructions, don't worry I am here for you - enter the comments at the end of this post.

These crochet pears can be used both individually or in sets. The pears can make doily or coasters set or also can be used as a bunting for decorating a party, classroom, or home. As motifs, the pears can be attached to scarves, hats, bags, purses, and other accessories as a unique application.

This PEAR is easy to make.
The pattern uses only basic crochet stitches - single, half double, double, triple crochets and chains.

You can use any yarn you like - for this project is great to use up scrap yarns! 


Small amounts of any worsted weight yarn.
The pattern was made with Drop Paris yarn. 
Yarn: Drop Paris – 100% cotton, 50g/1.8oz, 75m/82yds

Crochet hook from 3.5 mm.

Difficulty Level: Level 1 – Easy, for beginners

US crochet term:
SlSt – slip stitch
CH/s – chain/s
SC – single crochet
HDC - half double crochet
DC - double crochet
TR - triple crochet (treble)

SK - skip
T - turn
ST/s - stitch(es)
REP - repeat


Pattern Notes
1)     A Ch 3 at beg of the row counts as dc throughout.
2)     Finish rounds with sl st
3) This happy pear is worked in the rounds. It's really a wonderful design - you can create smaller or larger pears that would make great coasters, doilies or wall art.
4) If you like to make the same pattern, adding pears in different colours is a great way to create a small change. This pear design can be worked in any green, yellow and white colour.
5) Arrange the Pears in a way that makes you happy or hand sew them to your lovely project. 


Make magic ring

R1: ch5, 5tr, ch3, 5tr, ch5, sl st in magic ring

R2: ch3, 5sc around ch5 space from R1, 1sc in next st, 1hdc in the same st, 1dc in next 4 st, in ch3 space (the mid point): 3tr, ch3, 3tr, 1dc in next 4st, 1hdc in next st, 1sc in the same st, 5sc around the last st, sl st in 1st ch to close the round

R3: ch3 (1dc), 1dc in next 3st, 2dc in next 2st, 1dc in next 3 st, 3dc in next st, 1dc in next 3 st, 2dc in next st, 3tr in next st, in ch3 space (the mid point): 2tr, ch1, 2tr, 3tr in next st, 2dc in next st, 1dc in next 3 st, 3dc in next st, 1dc in next 3 st, 2dc in next 2st, 1dc in next 4 st, ch3, sl st in the 1st ch to close the round


The leaf - 1st version
Start on top of the pear, in mid point
Make a slip knot, pull the chain through ch1 space in the top of the pear, ch9, in 5th ch from the hook: 3tr, ch1, 3tr, ch5, ch2, turn, sl st in next 6 chain till the beginning of the row

The leaf - 2nd version
ch8, in the 5th ch from the hook: 2tr, picot (ch3, sl st in 3rd ch), 1tr, ch5, sl st in next 3 st. Then start new chain: ch6, turn, sl st in next 5 ch, sl st in the top of the pear to join.




4 inch / 10 cm long

3.5 inch / 9 cm wide


Leaf: 2 inch / 5 cm long


Fasten off, hide all loose tails in the back of your work and you are all done my friends.

You just created an amazing happy pear! 



Have fun and let me know what you make. I would love to know how your project turns out. 
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