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Crochet Summer Top Liza


Crochet Summer Top Liza - very easy and quick project

This Summer top is such an amazingly easy pattern. The top is made out of 2 rectangles sewing together. The pattern was made with Scarlet yarn. The pattern is available here for free. It comes with a video tutorial as well. Remember to follow me to receive updates and my latest new pattern publications.
The Summer Top is easy and simple and makes the project come alive very quickly!


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The Summer Top is made with only basic crochet stitches – absolutely perfect for beginners! So if you know how to make double crochet, chains and simple crochet, then you can make this Summer Top!

This Top is easy to make and can be completed in 2 days.

The direction shown are for XS/S size. For XS/S size you will need 1,5 skeins of Scarlet, for M size I used only 2 skeins.
Yarn: Scarlet, (100% cotton), 100g = 290m

Recommended hook: 3-4 mm
I used hook 3,5 mm for this project.

Difficulty Level: Level 1 – Easy, for beginners

US crochet term:
SlSt – slip stitch
CH/s – chain/s
SC – simple crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC - double crochet
SK - skip
T - turn
ST/s - stitch(es)
REP - repeat


Pattern Notes
1) Ch 3 at beg of row counts as dc throughout.
2) You need 6 chains for one "cluster"
3) For shown instructions I made 3 basic clusters = (3 x 6 chains) 18 chains for beg.
4) For size XS use 72 chains (12 x 6 chains)
5) The below instructions make 1 rectangle. Make in total 2 rectangles.

1st row: ch 72 (a sequence of 12 basic clusters), ch 3 (for 1 dc), continue dc 1 into each chains (ch) = 72 dc, turn

2nd row: sc, repeat ch 6, sk 5 st, sc, turn


3nd row: rep into each chain space (one cluster): sc 1, hdc 1, dc 5, hdc 1, sc, until the last chain space, you will make 12 archs, turn


4th row: ch 3, ch 3, 1 sc (into the 3rd dc from the previous row = you are the middle of the arc),
repeat ch 5, 1 sc in the 3rd dc of next arc, rep until the last arc, then ch 3, dc 1 in the last st, turn


5th row: ch 3, rep 1 dc into each ch, until the last, turn = 72 dc


6th row: ch 3, 2 dc in the 2nd and 3rd st, ch 2, skip 2 st, rep * 3 dc in the next sts, ch 2, sk 2 st, repeat from *, turn


Well done my friends! The pattern is alive!
Then continue and repeat the pattern.

7th row = 1nd row = ch 3, continue 1 dc into each chain (ch) = 72 dc


8th row = 2nd row

9th row = 3rd row etc.


330 mm / 13 inch (wides width) x 470 mm / 18,5 inch (long side)
Make in total 2 rectangles.

Sew shoulders – about 12 chains all together
Sew sides – 2/3 of the rectangles.

That it is! Weave your ends. Now you know how to crochet a wonderful summer top!

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Have fun and let me know what you make. I would love to know how your project turns out. 
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