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February news and inspiration what is on my hook!



Greetings and welcome to another month, in which I bring you a report from a visit to my favorite local shop Vlnika, where I once again peeked into the shelves and selected yarns for my next models.

And there is a gift for one of you!

Just like in January, in addition, there is a gift for one of you - one skein of the presented yarn.


Do not hesitate to write a comment under the video about your experience with the presented skeins or which of them you would like to try and what you would crochet or what colors you would choose and for which model. I look forward to all your replies and comments.



Feel free to write a comment below the video! I look forward to all your notes!

I will show these skeins:

Beautiful, soft, soft velvet, chenille yarns. The yarns are great for crocheted cowls, hats, sweaters, vests, but they are also great for crocheted toys and amigurumi and also for blankets and afghans:
SAMET SOFT: https://www.vlnika.cz/z14602-prize-samet-soft

SAMET SOFT COLOR: https://www.vlnika.cz/z17961-prize-samet-soft-color



A very popular sock yarn from Alize, which, thanks to the big proportion of superwash wool, is very strong against treading and wonderfully warm. It is suitable not only for socks, as the name of the yarn suggests, but also for crocheting and knitting winter sweaters, hats, gloves. For 1 pair of socks for adults is just 1 ball needed, i.e. 100 g of yarn.

Comfortable socks Superwash yarn https://www.vlnika.cz/z19249-prize-superwash-comfort-socks




And I didn't miss one of the news in the store, a very fine Angora Merino yarn with an extra portion of merino wool. The yarn is available in beautiful pastel colors that will take your breath away, as well as beautiful rainbow colors that match wonderfully.
The yarn has a longer pile and is suitable for knitting and crocheting airy and light models such as sweaters, cowls, scarves, cardigans. The yarn has a really long spool, 550 meters, and I will test how big a scarf can be crocheted from one ball. I believe that a scarf will be a great final touch to any wardrobe.
Papatya Angora Merino yarn https://www.vlnika.cz/z22398-prize-papatya-angora-merino

Papatya Angora Batik yarn https://www.vlnika.cz/z15231-prize-papatya-angora-batik


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