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May news and inspiration! Amazing Rainbow yarns for Spring and Summer



Welcome to my blog and welcome to MAY!

I am here again with new inspiration from my visit in my favorite local shop Vlnika in Prague.




This monthly topic will be very interesting again!
The topic that I chose for you is: RAINBOW BALLS!




And there is a giveway again - a gift for one of you as always! One Ball for free to try!


So today we will talk about Rainbow Ball. I will again show you what yarns, what colors, what materials are available here in Prague shop. And then I will show you what is on my hook. 


The rainbow yarns are perfect for Spring and Summer time, off course you can use these yarns basically all year round. 


This is my favorite summer dress: Rainbow Fairy





Do not hesitate to write a comment under the video about your experience with the presented yarns or which of them you would like to try and what you would crochet or what colors you would choose and for which model. I am looking forward to all your replies and comments.




I will show these skeins:







My favorite 4-thread for summer models.
You will be impressed by the really varied palette of colors, finely matched in gradual toning, but also balls with significant color transitions.





The thread is composed of 4 fibers that are gradually replaced.

The yarn has a pleasant composition for summer - a combination of cotton and acrylic.
The yarn is light. I have tested that even the dress does not "sag" due to the weight of the yarn.

You can crochet original models from it, be it fashionable scarves, tunics, tops or summer sweaters.

You can make a large scarf or top and tank top from 1 ball.

From 2 balls, you can make a dress or sweater.

Weight: 200 g
Length: 800m
Composition: 50% cotton, 50% acrylic










Flora Cake Mocha Yarn




Rainbow balls in interesting color combinations - you will often be surprised at what colors can be combined and they look great together!



The ball is made of recycled cotton yarn - the yarn is a little coarser to the touch than you might be used to.

The ball has a large winding of 900 meters.

It can be used for knitting and crocheting large scarves and shawls. It will make beautiful sweaters and jackets. Try it on summer dresses, tank tops, T-shirts or blouses. It also worked well for me as a summer beach cover.



The yarn is a combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
There are 900 meters in one 250g ball.









Rainbow Spagoyarn



Balls of yarn can be found in a really varied palette of delicately and beautifully coordinated colors, the colors are in gradual toning tone in tone and in different color compositions.



The yarn reminds me of Rainbow Fantasy, the fiber is also composed of 4 threads and in the composition of cotton and acrylic.



Composition: 55% cotton and 45% acrylic.

It has an incredibly large spool of 1000 meters in one 250g ball.

You can crochet very original models from this yarn - a large scarf or a large shawl.

And all the summer models you love.

I have no experience with this yarn, I will start using it right away and I would like to crochet a summer dress with it from top to bottom in one piece.



Alize Bella Ombre Batik





Fine shiny yarn dyed gradually in a larger range from light to darker shade. Always tone on tone in subtle transitions of only one color.

Suitable for blouses, tops, large scarves and summer tunics.

You can use it for both crocheting and knitting.

It is often sold in coils of various lengths - be careful to choose the one you need.

The ball is 250 g and the winding is 900 m.

Ombre Batik is 100% cotton.

Ombre Diva is 100% acrylic.






















I also peeked into the shelf next to the loop yarns and saw the interesting, completely fabulous toned yarn ICE YARNS COTTON ROYAL LOLLIPOP.

The basic color is always light - white, cream, light green, light blue, and then there are pieces of different colored yarns added to it.




Weight: 100g

Length in one ball: 210 m

Composition: 100% cotton


This yarn will excite you at the first touch - it is a very fine, soft yarn, 100% cotton.

I think it will be perfect for spring and summer projects and each model will be absolutely unique.

There are about 10 versions available and it won't be easy to decide "which one" to choose!




WOW! There are so many skeins in the shop! And I so excited to crochet with all of them soon!
Feel free to write a comment during whole MAY right below the video and get one of each!

I am looking forward to all your notes!  


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