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October Inspiration and news. Fall workshop, decorations and preparing for Christmas!



Welcome to my blog and also to the new monthly report for the month October.

A lot happened in September and I am glad that I can convey at least part of it to you in this report. I hope that this report will be a new inspiration for you again, I have news and samples for you from a visit to my favorite shop Vlnika.


I was in the store several times this month because, in addition to shooting, I was also preparing and arranging a workshop, and we managed this workshop wonderfully.

There is a new arrangement of yarns in the shop and right at the entrance I was attracted by a whole new shelf with Ice Yarn yarns, which I like for their uniqueness. I've been looking around the shop mainly for shaggy and furry and velvety yarns and I think I found a lot of them! Vlnika surprised me not only with interesting yarns, but it is great that in the store you can also find other accessories and gadgets that can be useful for crocheting and knitting. Have you ever tried crochet sole shoes? If not, now we have the opportunity to purchase them in white and black versions.

I also have ready for you shots from the autumn workshop, where we made hedgehogs as a group of crochet enthusiasts. The hedgehogs turned out absolutely amazing and you will be surprised how original and completely unique each one is! I am preparing a separate video guide and recommendations for the hedgehogs, and it will be released soon.


I also attended an interesting lecture about getting to know the materials we wear - linen, acrylic, wool, silk and cotton, learned a lot of information about their properties and quality and tried a sensory test.

The lecture was on the Prague Swap - the highest rooftop swap - and was organized by Purply company.
If you are interested in more, take a look here: https://www.purply.cz/ 




And we will start preparing for Christmas! What do you think? I started a beautiful and relatively large angel, and the experience with its production might come in handy.




Do you know what the most popular tutorial is in the month of September? The absolute BEST is a crocheted simple neckwarmer for absolute beginners.


How to crochet Happy Fall / Autumn Leaves: coasters, table mats, table runner.

So it is clear that you too have started crocheting things for colder days and I will not be left behind.
I have already started crocheting a few autumn things!


Organizing workshops is a great inspiration for me and I am happy that the autumn one was a success, that you liked it and I hope to see you again next time.

I would like to organize a workshop in November, where we will start crocheting small Christmas ornaments. Who will join us? 

I have several other topics from you that you wrote that you would be interested in and I will gradually include them in the instructions. If you have any ideas or recommendations, please do not hesitate to write me again!



And there is a giveway again - a gift for one of you as always! One Ball for free to try! This time the balls were prepared for you directly by Mrs. Albrechtová and I believe they will make you happy.

Do not hesitate, take a look at the report and write in the comments below the video what your experience is with the presented yarns or which yarn you would like to try and what you would crochet or what colors you would choose and what model you are planning on.

I look forward to all your reactions and comments, you always make me happy and happy with your reactions!






1 Ball: 50g, 40 m / 67 % polyamid + 33 % polyester




1 ball: 100g / 140 m / 100 % polyester



Samet Soft

1 ball: 100g / 100 m / 100 % polyester


Simli Kristal

1 ball: 100g / 200 m / 25 % metalic thread + 75 % polyester




Puffy Fine ICE

Ball: 50 g / 250 m / 100 % polyamid




Techno Bulky

Ball: 50 g / 55 m / 100 % polyamid




Ball: 50 g / 150 m / 100 % polyamid



Polar Bear

ball: 100 g / 90 m / 100 % polyamid



Panda Yarn


Ball: 100 g / 66 m / 100 % polyester



WOW! There are so many skeins in the shop! And I so excited to crochet with all of them soon!
Feel free to write a comment during whole OCTOBER right below the video and get one of each!

I am looking forward to all your notes!  


Please check my Facebook page to see who will receive the gift, the ball of yarn. The winners will announced next month at the beginning of November: https://www.facebook.com/nebeskacreative​


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