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Spring is right around the corner


Hi My Crochet Friends! Spring is right around the corner!

I love sharing crochet patterns for different themes and holidays. 

Spring is right around the corner and Easter on its way, I thought I would round up some super cute Crochet Patterns for you to get your hook into.

This is my List of HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY crochet patterns I prepared for you – they are available for free and they comes with video tutorials as well.

Easter patterns are fun to crochet. It's amazing to work with the bright, pastel colors of the season, and Easter-themed animals are so cute. In addition to favorite holiday characters, you can craft gifts for filling Easter baskets and even crochet the baskets themselves. 

There is something for everyone. I’ve included cute little amigurumi EASTER CHICKENS and RABBITS egg cover, also some BASKETS and easy and quick BIRDIES and more! 

It’s the perfect time to whip something up! Let’s get started now to have them ready in time for the Spring time!

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These patterns are made for beginners - only a basic skill level is required to make it. If you don't understand any of my instructions, don't worry I am here for you - enter the comments at the end of this post.

They’re SO easy and quick to make. So whether you’re a beginner or expert hooker, these crochet hearts patterns are the perfect pattern for you to show your love.

You can decorate, gift, or enjoy these ideas just for yourself. 

Take a look through this list of crochet patterns to find some inspiration!

Easter Bunny decoration

Easter is on its way, I am ready to welcome this wonderful holiday and I thought I would come with some cute Easter Crochet Patterns for you! I started with these adorable Crochet Easter Bunnies. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

A cute crochet bunny will put a smile on anyone's face and making one is a great way to pass get a jump start on the holiday. So if you're looking for something very simple and quick, I would suggest making these cute little Bunnies ornaments. They are perfect and I think you'll be happy with the result.

easter-bunny3.jpeg easter-bunny4.jpeg

Spring Birdie Basket

This amazing Easter Spring Basket will put your home in the spirit of the season. These cute crochet birdies will put a smile on anyone's face and making one is a great way to pass get a jump start on the holiday. 

This pattern is a super easy birdie and basket, it is strung on a basic crochet stitches only. The same pattern could be used to make a birdie ornament for other projects.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be sharing this pattern with you! 

birdie-basket2.jpeg birdie-basket1.jpeg

Cute Little Easter Chicks Amigurumi 

CUTE LITTLE EASTER CHICKS are among the cutest of all Easter symbols. Kids love BABY EASTER CHICKS  and we, adults do as well, right?

You can use CROCHET CUTE LITTLE EASTER CHICKS as gifts as well as for Easter party decor. Have fun making these cuties. 

Are you looking for a classic cute crochet EASTER CHICK pattern that you can use for doll-making or decor? This is a great option. It is an easy and free pattern for a really simple EASTER CHIP CHIP CHICK that has basic wings, and a cute little nose and button eyes. 

The CROCHET EASTER CHIP CHIP CHICK is the perfect project for beginners crocheting and I am excited to share with you the EASTER CHIC pattern.

 img_9648.jpeg img_9623.jpeg

img_9652.jpeg img_9696.jpeg


Crochet Easter Basket 

Make sure your little ones are well equipped for the Easter party with a handmade, crochet basket. This Easter basket crochet pattern is sure to have just the perfect basket for your little egg hunter! The pattern uses easy stitches, such as the front post and back post double crochets, resulting in a basket that's perfect for collecting eggs or holding Easter gifts.

I love to crochet baskets for holidays and to give them as gifts. This cute little basket could be perfect for Easter Holiday. Fill up your baskets with sweet treats for your loved ones and then keep the basket as an attractive and practical storage solution. You can create baskets of many versions and various sizes. 

Macreme cotton yarn is one of the best choices for making crochet baskets of any size. The thickness of the yarn makes that the baskets can easily stand up straight without caving in on the sides. 

img_0393.jpeg img_0400.jpeg

img_9893.jpeg img_9941.jpegimg_9919.jpeg img_9933.jpeg

Crochet EASY Puff Flower

One of my favorite things to make are crochet flowers. I love to use crochet flowers as accessories. These Puff Flowers are so incredibly easy to crochet, so I’d like to share this pattern with you today. 

And moreover - small projects like these are great for using up scrap yarn!

I also think these would be really cute on a girls hat, berets or even on a girls’ shirt or coat.  Any other ideas from you? 

This free crochet puff flower pattern is surprisingly easy and it makes and adorable piece for your wardrobe.  

img_4645.jpeg img_4612--2-.jpeg

Table Placemat and coasters

It’s perfect for adding colour and liveliness to your house. The perfect way to add detail and fun to your dining room. The cups and pots sitting on top of this will look so much more pretty and pleasing to the eye. These crochet placemat patterns are so much fun to make!

These Table Placemats and coasters are so fast to make, all you need is a free evening to make them for your dining table. You will need to know a few basic stitches like single, double, and half double crochet. You will also need to know a few of some complicated stitches like treble and 4 double cluster crochet. This project is started by making a magic ring. 


Easter Bunny Egg Cover 

The Easter bunny is perfect for Easter. Any child would be thrilled to help you to create this lovable crochet Easter bunnies. Those Easter Egg Covers are cozy with nice ears bring out the essence of all that is cute about this holiday's favorite animal. Gift it for Easter, and the child will enjoy to make the face for this cute Bunny. 

These Cute Easter eggs covers are made from a super simple and easy free pattern.



Easter Egg WRAP Cover 

This is a super easy and quick Easter Egg Wrap Cover - designed for beginners, with a simple design with a classic buttoned up look. Unlatch the button and reveal the Easter Egg inside! 

And there is a great idea for using the Egg Wrap after Easter Holiday as well - keep your hardboiled eggs warm for your breakfast on the plate. 






Have fun and let me know what you make. I would love to know how your project turns out. 
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