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Crochet Easy Cable Hairband Headband


I love crochet hair accessories and hairbands one of my favorite items to make. This crochet easy cable hairband is is surprisingly easy and it makes and adorable headpiece for you and for your girls



You need to know only the half double crochet & single crochet stitches to make this beautiful cable hairband.


The pattern is available here below for free. It comes with a video guide as well.

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This pattern is made for beginners - only a basic skill level is required to make it. If you don't understand any of my instructions, don't worry I am here for you - enter the comments at the end of this post.

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Crochet Easy Cable Hairband Directions
This lovely Hairband is easy to make.
The pattern uses only basic crochet stitches - half double crochet, single crochet and chains.


To create this crochet easy cable hairband, you will need a crochet hook of 3.0 mm, fine (2) or light (3)  weight yarn, tapestry needle and a button of your choice.


Yarn: Any fine (2) or light (3)  weight yarn of your choice
For this pattern you will need 3.0 or 4.0 mm crochet hook.


Difficulty Level: Level 1 – Easy, for beginners

US crochet term:
SlSt – slip stitch
CH/s – chain/s
HDC - half double crochet
SC - single crochet

SK - skip
T - turn
ST/s - stitch(es)
REP - repeat



1) Before you start take a measurement of head circumference (please see the final measurement of the hairband below).
2) This pattern is written to fit to kids size, but you can easily adapt to a smaller size or bigger size just by reducing or increasing the number of rows. Remember that when making your hairband bigger you will need more yarn.

For adult women size I would recommend to start with ch14 or ch16.
3) The hairband is crochet in rows.

4) A ch1 at beg of the round DOESN'T count as a stitch.



Hairband pattern
Make a slip knot.
Foundation chain, 12 chains
R1: ch1, work in 2nd ch: 1hdc, 1hdc in each ch across till end of row. 
You will have 12 hdc. Turn

R2: ch1, work in BLO: 1hdc in next 6 st, ch12, 1hdc in next 6 st, turn. You will 12 hdc and a chain (12ch) in the middle
R3: ch1, work in BLO: 1hdc in next 6 st, 12sc in ch12sp, 1hdc in next 6 st, turn. You will 12 hdc and a chain in the middle


Repeat R2 and R3 till you are satisfied with the length - reach the desired head circumference. 


I made 34 loops in total.
End off yarns, weave in all ends. 


Then you need to braid the loops, starting from the beginning of the hairband, pass the second loop through the first then pass the third one through the second one, and continue using the same order until finished.


After finishing, you will have one loop remaining; you will use it for the button later.


Sew the button of your choice at the middle of row 1.



hairband is 45 cm / 17.7 inch long (after joining loops)
hairband is 4.5 cm / 1.8 inch wide (after joining loops)

For longer hairband, crochet more rows until you reach the measurement you desire. You can decorate your hairband with cute little button - it is up to you.  



Have fun and let me know what you make. I would love to know how your project turns out. 
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