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Cardigans, Sweaters, Ponchos and Vests


Crochet EASY Cardigan Coat with hidden pockets


Spring is here, but winter is not giving up yet, sometimes cold days surprise us, but I already have a spring-autumn cardigan coat ready.

I don't know about you, I love these spring days, it's cooler in the morning and it's nice and warm in the afternoon, so I'm wearing warmer sweaters, cardigans and ponchos.

In this my new video tutorial, I would like to share with you a cardigan coat in a beautiful dark pink color in a classic simple pattern with hidden pockets. The coat is rather elegant, and thanks to the amazing cosy Papatya EASY KNIT yarn, it is wonderfully warm and soft, very pleasant to wear

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Crochet TurtleNeck Granny Cream&Chocolate Poncho


The real winter is here in and it’s time to make all the warm and cozy things. I don’t know about you, but I am often cold so I love having different things to snuggle up in.

You know me. I am a poncho lover. I love to crochet ponchos all the time as they are an extremely versatile clothing item, they are perfect for almost any season and for all kinds of occasions. You can wear ponchos in summers if you want to wear something cool, and in winters, these are a warm and comfortable alternative to other clothing items. Making crochet ponchos helps you to create the designs and styles. 

In this my new pattern, I wanted to share with you my Granny Poncho with a cosy Neckwarmer.

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Crochet Warm and Cosy Cardigan Shrug


This crochet Cardigan Shrug is made with soft acrylic yarn, it is cosy and warm! 

I love this wonderful yarn combination - black color as a main color and silver-grey color as a complementary color.

The texture on this Warm Cardigan is created using half double crochets and double crochet stitches.

I love to wear Cardigans for cool weather from fall to spring time and this one it is cozy enough to call your favorite Cardigan Shrug at all.

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Crochet Cosy Super Easy Vest No seam


This crochet cosy VEST with wonderful design is made up as a one piece - one big rectangle. In this my new design, the rectangle has super easy pattern with double crochet stitches. This pattern makes the VEST really cosy and soft and so pleasant. The long, straight lines and understated pattern make VEST slimming and beautiful.

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Crochet Puff Poncho with two rectangles


This crochet PUFF PONCHO with wonderful colorful design is made up of 2 rectangles. In this my new design, the rectangle has amazing PUFF pattern. This PUFF pattern makes the poncho really warm and soft and so pleasant. 

This poncho is perfect from spring to fall time - I love to wear it for this transition period between summer and fall time.

The poncho is worked in rows, back and forth. There are created two rectangles, then sewn together to make a poncho. 

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Crochet 4 SQUARES Rainbow Mandala Poncho


This crochet RAINBOW PONCHO with wonderful colorful design is made up of 4 squares. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle - flower, so there is a beautiful flower mandala design in the center of each square. This design incorporates both open and dense stitches. This makes the poncho warm and gives it a great drape, while also giving you a little bit of airflow.

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Crochet Mandala Cocoon Shrug Cardigan


I love Cocoon Shrug Cardigans - there are so many variations and they can be worn in almost any season and for all kinds of occasions. This Cocoon shrug cardigan is perfect for Fall and Spring time and also transition periods. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle, so there is a beautiful mandala design and a gorgeous diamond motif in the center of square.

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Crochet EASY LONG fancy vest


This crochet pattern is a long, very easy crocheted vest that is just super pretty.

This long, crocheted vest is so beautiful and fun to wear with dresses, skirts, jeans or even shorts! It’s great to cover the rear end and also can easily be dressed up or down.

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Crochet Sweetheart Small Poncho


This poncho is perfect for this transition period between summer and fall time and also wearing for special events, for romantic dinners and so. This Poncho is absolutely fabulous and outstanding and will complete your outfits. 

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Crochet 4 Squares Mandala Poncho


Crochet ponchos are made up of squares or rectangles that are stitched together. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle, so there is a beautiful mandala design in the center of each square.

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