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Crochet Lovely Romantic Poncho Wrap


This crochet ROMANTIC PONCHO WRAP is super lightweight, trendy, and versatile.  Plus, it comes together really easily which makes this a great project for all levels.
Try this amazing design for lovely romantic poncho to make a great piece for yourself or for your friends & family!
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Crochet 4 SQUARES Rainbow Mandala Poncho


This crochet RAINBOW PONCHO with wonderful colorful design is made up of 4 squares. In this my new design, the square begins as a circle - flower, so there is a beautiful flower mandala design in the center of each square. This design incorporates both open and dense stitches. This makes the poncho warm and gives it a great drape, while also giving you a little bit of airflow.

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Crochet Lovely Lacy Shrug


You know, sometimes there are cooler afternoons or evenings in the summer, I like to bring a light ponchos or a scarf or a nice shrug with me when we venture out on summer evenings, just in case.  

I prepared a lacy summer shrug pattern that would nicely compliment many summer tops and dresses. I wanted this shrug to be really light and airy. 

This Lacy summer shrug is absolutely fabulous and outstanding and will complete your outfits. 

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Crochet Easy Cable Hairband Headband


I love crochet hair accessories and hairbands one of my favorite items to make. This crochet easy cable hairband is is surprisingly easy and it makes and adorable headpiece for you and for your girls.

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