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December news and inspiration! Christmas Crochet,tips for gifts and presents


Welcome to my blog and also to the new monthly report for the last month of this year - December.

There were so many events and activities in November and I'm thrilled with how everything turned out! Of course, these are events full of crocheting, creation, creativity and the shared joy of beautiful crochet things. I was in Vlnika shop this month so many times, choosing skeins and things to create, checking out the news. And today I'm here again for you with a new report and a few more tips for Christmas gifts and decorations

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NEW Temperature project - Rainbow fish pillow


You don't even want to believe it! Just a few days and my amazing temperature snake will be over - it went by very quickly and I'm already starting to miss crocheting the temperature snake.

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Crochet Angel Ornament Deco with Golden Halo


The Angel with Halo is also the perfect project for holiday crocheting. The patterns is simple, easy and quick, and I believe that angels will bring joy not only to you but also to your children or grandchildren.

This Angel with Halo Ornament can also be a great Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree.

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Easy Crochet Nordic Wool Socks - so cosy and warm!


In this new tutorial, I tried the wonderful Artisan wool yarn for warm cozy socks. I tried to match colors and come up with patterns charts, I really enjoy it!
The Artisan yarn is wonderful to work with and not only I am satisfied with the result, but especially my son, who ordered socks from me and was really looking forward to them.
I crocheted these comfortable wool socks in children's size 36. Because of the way these socks are constructed, they are very easy to resize.  You can make them smaller or bigger, longer, wider or shorter or narrow them. There is no complicated increasing, decreasing or shaping. Easy, easy!

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Amazing Crochet Lace Bell on Christmas Tree or Wreath


Hello My Crochet Friends!

I really like homemade things! I think I’ve said before that one of my favorite things to crochet and make are Christmas decorations.

I decided to make a Christmas decorations collection this year that I’d like to share with you – today I would like to share the last pattern of my collection - it’s for a Lace Christmas Bell for your tree or Christmas Wreath.

CROCHETED CHRISTMAS LACE BELL is a continuation of lace crocheting and also a series of small Christmas ornaments and decorations during the Christmas holidays

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Crochet Easy Chunky Slouchy Winter Hat Mouline Chunky


It is the perfect crochet beanie pattern for new crocheters - with very simple construction - great project for beginners and below you will find instructions on how to change and adjust the length and width correctly.

This slouchy hat is crocheted as unisex - the pattern, shape and colors are perfect for anyone who wants to brighten up winter days.

I love making this style of crochet unisex winter beanie for everyone - hats make great gifts for the whole family

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Crochet Mini Lucky Piggy Amigurumi with Cloverleaf


Hello My Crochet Friends!

Have a beautiful Advent Sunday! I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season.

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness and prosperity! I look forward to many adventures together with a hook in hand in 2024!

I was thinking that we could crochet a little cute amigurumi for joy and happiness in the new year and make Christmas more pleasant with some cheerful project, what do you think?

I prepared a tutorial for a cute little lucky pig.

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Crochet Mosaic hat Artisan with Diamond pattern


I really like mosaic patterns, even though I don't often use them in tutorials, I really enjoy them. What I enjoy most is creating and drawing mosaic patterns, choosing colors that go well with each other and using mosaic single and double crochet stitches and enjoying how the mosaic gradually appears.

This mosaic has a diamond pattern that is quite easy and quick to remember, repeating and in rows and columns. If you're new to mosaics, this pattern should come in handy.

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