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Headbands, Hat, Beanies, Caps, Ear Warmers


Crochet EASY PERFECT Beanies for her and him


These crochet beanies are simple and perfect for a beginner. They are unisex and I designed them as "FOR HER and FOR HIM BEANIE". I chose the white and the grey color combo - I think they perfectly match with any outfit. And it’s unisex color - no need to worry about his or her favorite colors.

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Crochet EASY X-TWIST Herringbone Headband


How to crochet MERINO X-Twisted Herringbone Headband - this will make cozy ear warmer! This crochet pattern creates amazing HERRINGBONE X-TWIST HEADBAND suitable for keeping your ears warm during the cooler months from fall to spring.

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Crochet EASY Puff Beret Hat


I love wearing hats, especially berets! The french beret is a good for fall and spring time and as well as it’s a beautiful accessory.

I made this beret as a perfect pair to my neckwarmer and I am happy to show you how to crochet this perfect beret that fits!

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Crochet Super EASY TWISTED headband


You know me, I love headbands and I love to created some interesting texture patterns on them. I have a super easy pattern for you, working with half double crochet only. I really love this effect!

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Blue Sun BEACH Crochet Hat


The weather is warming and so I made a chic accessory for sunny days at the beach: The Blue Sun Beach Hat! The hat is so airy and lightweight and breezy for when that sun is beaming down on you.

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Crochet Summer Hat that really fits


Summer is here and these crochet summer hat patterns are just what you need to help you get ready for the warmer and sunny days. I made the hat for all sizes I am happy to show you how to crochet these perfect hats that fit!

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Braided Cable Ear Warmer


I love 3D texture patterns, my favorite technique for headbands is the braided cable pattern. I really love this effect and it takes some time to understand the pattern, but it definitely worths it! You will create the eyes-catching piece of wardrobe. 

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Scrappy Neon Beanie


If you’re looking for an easy and quick pattern to make and want to crochet really warm beanie that’s as pretty as it is very visible look, choose this wonderful pattern with half double crochet and single crochet stitches only!

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X-Twisted Headband Freedom - this will make cozy ear warmer!


My favorite technique for headbands is the x-twist on the front. I really love this effect and it so easy to create it. This eyes-catching twist is made by sewing the two edges together which is actually the seam.

When I chose the pattern for these headbands I knew I had to make a headband with simple pattern but add something extras. I decided to use knit-like effect and the bobble stitch - they together are perfect to create a wonderful pattern!

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Truly Reversible Warm Beanie


If you’re looking for an easy and quick pattern to make and want to crochet really warm beanie that’s as pretty as it is cozy look, choose this wonderful pattern with double crochet stitches only!

So what makes this beanie special? This pattern is totally REVERSIBLE! You get double the wear! It works up perfect and there is videos tutorial to help you along the process.

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