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Scarfs, Shawls, Cowls, Scoodies and Neck Warmers


SnowWhite Romantic Hooded scarf with pom-poms and buttons


This crocheted Hooded scarf pattern is so practical and fun to make. And it is a perfect for this fall time – there is a bit cold in morning already, your head will be toasty thanks to the hood. And moreover, this is a trendy fall and winter wear item. I really love that the hooded style on this scarf.

This crocheted Hooded Scarf is my first fall hooded garment of the season and I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

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Shoulder cozy / Mobius wrap / Scarf / Headscarf – have all of them in one!


The great things about this new pattern are: it's beginners friendly, half-day work, only one ball and multi-purpose item: a shoulder cozy, a mobius wrap, a scarf, shoulder shawl or a headscarf - it can be worn wherever you need some warmth. Which version do you like best?

Moreover – there is a pattern for a flower button as a  decoration.

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Linda shawl - very easy crochet shawl for beginners


This wonderful crochet shawl was made for my lovely friend Linda from the USA. That is why I named it "Linda" and here is a free crochet pattern - very easy to follow.The crochet shawl pattern is easy and simple and makes the project come alive very fast! There are only double crochet stitches - works up so quickly.

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