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Scarfs, Shawls, Cowls, Scoodies and Neck Warmers


Shoulder cozy / Mobius wrap / Scarf / Headscarf – have all of them in one!


The great things about this new pattern are: it's beginners friendly, half-day work, only one ball and multi-purpose item: a shoulder cozy, a mobius wrap, a scarf, shoulder shawl or a headscarf - it can be worn wherever you need some warmth. Which version do you like best?

Moreover – there is a pattern for a flower button as a  decoration.

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Linda shawl - very easy crochet shawl for beginners


This wonderful crochet shawl was made for my lovely friend Linda from the USA. That is why I named it "Linda" and here is a free crochet pattern - very easy to follow.The crochet shawl pattern is easy and simple and makes the project come alive very fast! There are only double crochet stitches - works up so quickly.

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