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Tricolour vest / sleeveless sweater


Stay warm and comfortable with the sleeveless crochet sweater! I absolutely love the look and style of sleeveless sweaters. This sleeveless sweater I designed for my son and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! He is my little gentleman! This sweater is perfect for all year round wearing, it is extremely comfortable worn over a shirt or a T-shirt.

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Easy Cocoon Shrug


How to crochet easy Cocoon Shrug/Wrap

When trying to decide on a yarn for this wonderful cocoon shrug, I knew I wanted something warm and soft. I chose Merino Fine yarn! The colour choice was also easy – I picked a violet colour – it looks so nice!

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SweetHeart Mittens


This pattern creates original and cute mittens suitable for keeping your hands really warm during the cooler months in winter and perfect to celebrate Valentine day with them. These warm sweetheart mittens could be a perfect handmade gift for those you love! Especially when they actually wear them!

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Drawstring Heart Giftbag


This pattern creates original drawstring gift bag with heart pattern and moreover with a little cute heart application! Also this bag itself could be an amazing gift for your families and friends. It could be a perfect project for Valentine's day!

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Scrappy Neon Beanie


If you’re looking for an easy and quick pattern to make and want to crochet really warm beanie that’s as pretty as it is very visible look, choose this wonderful pattern with half double crochet and single crochet stitches only!

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Leg Warmers Lilac


I made these Leg Warmers for my sister :) her dog loves them as well. And I absolutely love this lilac colour!

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Spring Green Hooded Cowl


It’s still winter, sometimes cold and sometimes warmer. Well, as the weather has mood swings, you can be prepared for them with Hooded Cowl. And it is a perfect from Fall to Spring time – there is still a bit cold in morning, your head will be toasty thanks to the hood. And moreover, this is a trendy wear item.

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Braided Cable Ear Warmer


I love 3D texture patterns, my favorite technique for headbands is the braided cable pattern. I really love this effect and it takes some time to understand the pattern, but it definitely worths it! You will create the eyes-catching piece of wardrobe. 

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Spring Birdie Basket


Easter is on its way, I am ready to welcome this wonderful holiday with my another cute Spring Crochet Patterns which is now available also for you!


Look at these amazing birds and their Spring basket!

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Easter Bunny decoration


Easter is on its way, I am ready to welcome this wonderful holiday and I thought I would come with some cute Easter Crochet Patterns for you! I started with these adorable Crochet Easter Bunnies. These Easter bunnies ornaments will put your home in the spirit of the season. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Spring Baby Hat Elephant


Sometimes everyone needs a good, basic hat pattern in their stock and today I am sharing mine pattern for Spring easy and quick Hat for baby girls. This Hat is made from Merino yarn and it can be embellished with appliques, flowers, buttons or animals! For this Hat I chose funny elephant button.  

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Table Placemat and coasters


It’s perfect for adding colour and liveliness to your house. The perfect way to add detail and fun to your dining room. The cups and pots sitting on top of this will look so much more pretty and pleasing to the eye. These crochet placemat patterns are so much fun to make!
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Waistcoat Stitch Basket


Crochet baskets can be used to create unique storage solutions for your home.

They make beautiful catch-all areas for your stuff. You can also crochet baskets for holidays and to give as gifts.

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Simple Mini Handbag


This Mini Hand Bag is made from cord yarn and it has a cute square shape. I simply fall in love with crocheting these mini handbags – you can very easily choose width and height you like! This is the very basic pattern, this bag is actually much easier to crochet than you might think and you will love it as it works up very quickly.

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Who likes squares? I love them ♥♥♥


Who likes crocheting squares? I love squares, they are so fun and quick to create! 
Now I have a new idea for you and I will come with a new pattern soon! 

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Amazing Crochet Belt with Flowers


Belts are the in fashion all the time. I come with this lovely idea of joining amazing flower in squares and create the impressive belt. Here is this cute flowers belt to adorn your dress ups and the waist in a really cool and funky way.

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I love my cat - loops yarn pillow cover or pyjamas case


I love loop yarns, they are so soft and fun to work with! In this video tutorial I will show you how to make a pillow cover which I call "I love my cat" - one side is with heart and another one with cat. 

Or you can use it as a perfect bag for your pyjamas - do you know pyjamas eater? So this is it! 

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Lovely Stripped Skirt Cilka - black, red and white


Lovely Stripped Skirt Cilka - made from classic combination of colours: black, red and white. I used my favourite pattern - double crochet V stitches. I love how this “V” pattern looks and I hope you are going to love it as well. It looks great especially in the design for the circle skirts pattern.

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Crochet Flower Chrysanthemum Hair Tie


Crochet hair accessories are a fantastic anytime project. They’re quick, don’t take a ton of yarn, are great for on the go, and help keep your hair back and neck cool!

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EASY Granny Square Cardigan


I love Granny Squares - there are so many variations how to use this pattern when crocheting decorative and useful items, blankets, bags and placemats, home decorations and also: wardrobe. It is super easy using Granny Square pattern to create a wonderful cardigan - it is Spring - so I chose Spring green colour and I am so happy how it turned out! 

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